Pilates New Start 1:1 - For new clients before joining a class.  This is a one to one session to learn more about the individual and assess their posture, movement patterns and other issues.  During this time, they will learn basic principles and exercises to give more confidence in the first few classes.  This is part of the New Start Package which also includes 4 classes (see below).

Pilates Level 1 – For beginners to learn basic principles and exercises which will develop strength and technique.  Also, could be an option for those that are familiar with Pilates but would like a refresher.

Pilates Level 2 – For individuals that have a good understanding of the principles, exercise names, body placement and breathing.  This level will progress in difficulty and develops strength. 

Pilates Level 3 – For individuals that have been practicing Pilates for over a year and/or have strength and body awareness to properly execute the more challenging exercises in the repertoire.

Pilates for Ladies - Mixed level class focusing on muscle toning.

Pilates for Gents - Mixed level class that develops strength and flexibility.

Pilates 1:1 - Private 40 minute session to review health & fitness goals in addition to a postural assessment. A bespoke exercise plan is developed and progressed to achieve individual goals. For those that find it difficult to attend classes or that would like more in depth training.

Pilates 1:1 - Private 50 - 65 minute session for special issues and/or lengthy medical history where thorough assessment and discussion is necessary. Includes an evaluation of posture, strength, mobility, movements causing pain and setting goals. A bespoke plan is developed and progressed for additional 40 minutes sessions. EMAIL REQUEST TO BOOK.

Pilates Duet - Ideal for a couple, two friends or family members to exercise together at a time and day that suits them.  Especially good for addressing orthopaedic and bio-mechanical issues.  EMAIL REQUEST TO BOOK.

Pilates Private Class - Ideal for 3 - 5 friends or family to exercise together at a time and day that suits the group. Individual postural and musculoskeletal issues are addressed as well as personal and group goals. EMAIL REQUEST TO BOOK.


Adult Ballet

Classical Ballet – Ballet exercises and stretches to traditional ballet class music. Suitable for all skill levels. The goal is to improve posture, strength, coordination and agility rather than train up dancers. Ballet work will be mostly at the barre with some time in the centre to test skills and balance.

Ballet Private Class - Ideal for 3 - 5 friends or family to learn ballet together at a time and day that suits the group. EMAIL REQUEST TO BOOK.


Prices for 2021

New Start Package £55: 1:1 session & 4 classes (Pilates or ballet) within 6 weeks

10 Class Package £86: redeem within 15 weeks, ideal for returning clients       

4 Class Package £38: Pilates Level 1 or Adult Ballet redeem within 6 week

Private: £20 - £50, block booking discounts available.

Ask about Annual Subscriptions (paid monthly or yearly) for classes and private sessions available for 40, 50, 60, or 80 classes/sessions.


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