Why is Pilates Recommended?

Even if you know nothing specific about Pilates, it is likely that you are aware that is has something to do with your core.  Great, but what does that mean and why is it important?  The short answer is your body needs a strong, stable connection between the upper and lower body.  The primary focus of all Pilates exercises is to develop and challenge the deep muscles in the abdomen and spine.  We are all too familiar with the global muscle groups (in chest, arms, back and legs) used in daily activities, sports and gym workouts which are gross motor skills.  Think of working your core muscles as developing fine motor skills.  Pilates exercises strengthen these important core muscles by slowing down the pace, and controlling the body in smaller, more precise ways.  The aim is more fluid and supple movement that connects all the parts of the body to make a stronger whole.

Because Pilates fine tunes muscles, you will find the classes challenging in a different way than other exercise programmes.  You will not have a sweaty, cardio pumping experience but you will notice how difficult it is to co-ordinate movements while using the correct muscles.  You will find that moving slowly is actually much more challenging than letting momentum carry you in quick movements.  You will need to be mindful of your skeletal alignment and where you are in space which will help with balance in daily life and activity.  Finally, as you develop strength and technique, you will notice that you walk taller, have less joint and back pain, feel more agile and more fit to tackle physical challenges.


Description of classes and levels

Pilates Level 1 – For beginners to learn basic principles and exercises which will develop strength and technique.  Also, could be an option for those that are familiar with Pilates but would like a refresher.

Pilates Level 2 – For individuals that have a good understanding of the principles, exercise names, body placement and breathing.  This level will progress in difficulty and develop strength. 

Pilates Level 3 – For individuals that have been practicing Pilates for over a year and/or have strength and body awareness to properly execute the more challenging exercises in the repertoire.

Pilates for Ladies - Mixed level class focusing on muscle toning.

Pilates for Gents - Mixed level class that develops strength and flexibility.


Prices for 2019

New Start Package £50: 30 minute 1:1 session & 4 classes (Level to be determined) within 6 weeks

10 Class Package £80: redeem within 15 weeks, ideal for returning clients       

Beginner Trial £36: 4 classes of Level 1 Pilates or Adult Ballet redeem within 6 weeks

Annual Subscriptions for classes and 1:1 sessions are available for a lump sum payment or monthly direct debit.  Purchase a plan for a total of 30, 40, 60, or 80 classes/sessions per year.  


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