Lisa Carswell

BBA (Marketing), Level 3 Diplomas in Teaching Pilates and Exercise Referral

Lisa graduated from university in 1989 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and began a career in the Executive Development Program for a chain of department stores in the US.  She took a 20 year career break to focus on raising her family and volunteer work. During those years she had the opportunity to pursue her passion for ballet by performing in amateur productions as well as teaching.  

After moving to Scotland in 2008, she continued to teach ballet and five years later starting training to become a Pilates Instructor.  In 2014, Lisa received her Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates (Matwork).  She ran her own classes in Hamilton in addition to teaching Pilates classes at a physiotherapy clinic in Glasgow for three years.

Her combined experience in teaching ballet and Pilates, plus working directly with physiotherapists has given her a unique skill set.  In 2017, Lisa opened LC Pilates Studio where she offers classes and private instruction in Hamilton. She wants to help clients toMove better for better living.

For Lisa, Pilates and ballet go hand in hand.  She was first introduced to Pilates over 30 years ago when training to become a professional ballet dancer.  Dance related injuries kept Lisa from a career in dance, but instilled in her a desire to help others prevent and recover from their own injuries.  She has a keen eye for proper body mechanics and is able to teach clients new patterns of movement to help maintain fitness, alleviate/manage pain or recover from injury or surgery.

Lisa is partial to the Pilates Exercise Method for its adaptability, making it accessible to most people of different ages, fitness levels and sport interests to develop strength and flexibility as well rehabilitate. It goes without saying:  Lisa loves ballet - performing, watching and teaching! She is eager to share that passion in the Adult Ballet Barre class which focuses on posture, alignment, flexibility and muscle strengthening. Combine both Pilates and Ballet Barre to increase your overall fitness and wellbeing.