What to wear

Comfortable clothing in which it is easy to move.  Most prefer wearing socks as shoes are not worn or barefooted is another option.  If you choose to wear shorts, please ensure that they are knee length and close fitting ie cycling shorts. 

What to bring

Water if you get thirsty and a hand towel for a cushion.  All mats and other equipment are provided.  

What to expect the first few classes

The method principles such as breathing, alignment and core engagement as well as basic exercises will be covered. Initially the class will stop between exercises to give instruction for the next, so there is a lot of stopping and starting.  But, being patient with yourself and the process so good technique can be established. It takes 3-5 sessions to put all the pieces together to feel the correct muscles working and ability is progressing. 

Can I book just one class to try

As mentioned above, it takes several sessions to fully appreciate how this form of exercise movement works.  Clients feel more confident and successful having completed a 1:1 session before starting a class.  They find muscles they did not know they had, feel taller and lighter and most importantly, a mind body connection is found. 

How to find the studio

The studio is located at 110 Cadzow Street, Hamilton ML3 6HP.  It can be found equal distance from both train stations in Hamilton. It is along the street from the Town House.  Look for the clock on the building, the entry door is just below.

Where to park

There are many parking options. Two car parks near the town house have spaces and lower rates with a very short walk.  On street parking is also available but can be busy in the evenings.

Access the studio

Press the intercom button for LC PilateStudio for the door to release.  Take a series of stairs to the second floor.  If stairs are an issue, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07735024078 to make an appointment for a home visit or different venue.

Are there changing areas

There are two toilets as well as curtained off area for privacy in addition to benches to sit and remove shoes. 

Is there a place to store my possessions 

Coat hooks and storage cubbies for clothing, bags and shoes.  Valuables such as phones and wallets have a space in the studio. 

What can I take into the studio

In an effort to keep the studio clear and safe, only a minimum of items should be brought in: bottle of water, hand towel, phone (RINGER OFF), wallet, keys and your own mat, if using.

Studio Policies